THE GREAT ADVENTURE – The Ultimate Dream (Lessons – Term2)


The Great Adventure – Is ‘n 8 kwartaal lesreeks gefokus op graad 6-7 kinders.

Die eerste Kwartaal se lesse “Ek is…” is gefokus om kinder te help om hul identiteit te ontdek. Hierdie is die werksboek wat kan dien as ‘n huis toe neem boekie of werkboek in die klas. Die werksboek is in PDF formaat en kan afgelaai word en uitgedruk word op die hoeveelheid benodig.



The Ultimate Dream

This is the second term of the lesson range – “The great adventure”. These lessons are written with the grade 6-7 child in mind. In these lessons, we are going to chat about God’s dream for my life, my dreams and whether they are in alignment with each other. We are also going to take a look at what we can do to see our dreams come into fulfilment.


Lesson 1 – God’s number 1 dream for me

Psalm 27:4

God’s number 1 dream for us is that we will maintain an intimate relationship with Him. Jesus showed God’s love for us by dying on the cross. We look at David as an example of somebody who maintained an intimate relationship with God.


Lesson 2 – How do I know what His dream for me is?

Ephesians 1:17/John 10:3-4

The way in which we listen to the voice of God. In this lesson, we talk about how we can hear God’s voice.


Les 3 – Listen to His voice

John 10:3-4

This is a practical lesson about how to hear the voice of God, in which they are going to do physical activities to listen to the voice of God. Nature, pictures, His Word, other people and “soak” time.


Lesson 4 – What is my dream?

Psalm 139:13-17

We are going to take a practical look at what their talents and gifts are, as well as at what makes them ‘tick’ because that very often gives a good indication of what God dreams for the person.


Lesson 5 – What can I do to reach my dream?

Psalm 37:3-4

Remain faithful and obedient to God and to who He made you be. We take a look at Joseph’s life.


Lesson 6 – How do I dream where I am now?

Practical lesson from Tanya van Zyl’s book: “Coach your child for life”, to help them to dream about the following aspects of their lives: Relationship with God, relationship with their parents and relationships with friends.


Lesson 7 – Are people part of God’s dream for me?

Rom 12:4

We form part of a body, and each of us has a specific purpose. We help one another to learn about God’s character and understand better who He is.


Lesson 8 – Gameshow

Again a revision lesson of the term in the form of a game show.


Sample lesson for download



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