The Bible is Better than Gold Lessons


We want children to learn that the Bible is their most prized possession and more valuable than any silver or gold. Therefore the these lessons are themed as: “The Bible is better than Gold”.

The Memory verse is Ps. 119:72″The things that you teach me, are better than a thousand pieces of gold or silver.” of the Bible.



– 9 Lessons in this range

  • Lesson 1 – The Bible is better than Gold
  • Lesson 2 – God made me just as I am
  • Lesson 3 – God loves me always
  • Lesson 4 – I am part of God’s family
  • Lesson 5  – God will care for me
  • Lesson 6 – I can always talk to God
  • Lesson 7 – Share with others
  • Lesson 8 – Jesus wants to be my forever friend
  • Lesson 9 – Jesus knows how I feel


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