Around the World (Lessons Term 1)


Around the World is lessons based on an adventurer called Andy, who travels into all the world to discover who God is, who we are and what we have been called to do! These lessons work well with a prayer adventure where prayer requests can be made for the children of each country visited.

Around the World, lessons include teaching materials, visual aids, handouts and sometimes multi-media.

Term 1 – God is…

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to Hab. 2:14
  • Lesson 2 – Hab.2:14b continued
  • Lesson 3 – God is
  • Lesson 4 – God is in control
  • Lesson 5 – God is everywhere and knows everything!
  • Lesson 6 – God is everlasting!
  • Lesson 7 – God is the creator!
  • Lesson 8 – Pas God take care of God’s creation!

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