Doxa Deo Kids

is the children’s ministry of the Doxa Deo family and functions at every site.

Our Slogan: Raising City Changers

Our Vision is . . . 12 Cities where God reigns.

Our Mission is . . . Transforming children, people and society.

Our ministry ministers to children, equipping them and training them according to Biblical Principles. Our dream is to help children discover their true identity in Christ and a living relationship with God. For them to discover their gifts and calling in Christ and start living as “city changers” at a young age, as to make an impact in their community they live in.  To us working with children is a great privilege. We believe they are the most important people group according to Matt. 18:1-6 as well as the most unreached people group in the world.

If we can make reaching children for Christ our top priority, we will influence the future of our country!