Transforming children, people and society

Welcome to Doxa Deo Kids!

May this be the beginning of a discovery journey, where you will not only be convinced of the importance of the ministry to children but where you will be constantly challenged to grow and become all God called you to be.  We believe in raising City Changers… and that means YOU! We have seen how people grow and develop in and through our ministry. Our teachings are solid but easy enough that even the smallest child can understand thus making it understandable to the adults that join our ministry as well! We trust that you will learn to Love Children the way God does and see how they grow and blossom under your care. May you also witness the Impact that you will have on your fellow called-ones, children and parents alike.


Our heart is to equip you with Christ-centered and effective curriculum for every age group.


KIDS Equip

Ministry to children can be an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, fear and frustration, if not equipped with the correct training.

At Doxa Deo KIDS we provide a variety of Training that you and your leaders can partake in.  We also partner with other networks and can offer you quite a few options! We hope that you will find something that can work for you!

We are currently busy publishing our training on an online platform, if you complete the form you will be kept in the loop of when we launch!

Doxa Deo KIDS offers a wide variety of Equipping tools. If you are interested in learning more, click on the link below!


KIDS Consult

Maybe you, like many others find yourself “stuck” in your ministry. You don’t know how to change the impact of the ministry.

You don’t know how to move forward, what to change!

What is working or what is not?

As the church is one of the areas we would like to impact, we offer a consulting service to churches concerning their children’s ministries.

On application, you will be contacted to set-up a visitation date. You then receive an outline of suggestions. If interested, we then pull-up a full proposal and timelines for your approval, and before you know it, your ministry is up and running again!

Need to make a change, but don’t know where to start. We can help!